Jam Tangan Consina Expedition (Altimeter)

Jam Tangan Sport merk Consina Expedition (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass)

Altimeter features
- Vertical ascent and descent rate
- Cumulative Ascent and Descent.
- Max. Altitude is recorded.

Compass features
- Bearing in degrees.
- Graphical direction bearing indicator.
- Declination setting for true north.

Barometer features
- Sea level pressure.
- Actual pressure.
- Actual temperature
- Weather forecast

Watch Features
- Time of day (12/24h) with hour, minute, second, year, month, day and weekday.
- GPS world time: 48 cities covering all time zones
- Sunrise/sunset time
- Countdown(99H59M59)
- Stop watch with 30 /50 lap memory capacity.
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